Personnel selection and choice

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    Тема: Personnel selection and choice

    Personnel selection and choice

    Part one

    The hiring process is critical to a company\'s success - the right employee helps the company

    to reach its objectives but the wrong employee will cost the company a great deal in time,

    money and energy. Furthermore, Arnold, Cooper and Robertson state ‘personnel selection

    and assessment is probably the area where the biggest and most consistent contribution has

    been made’ in work psychology.

    To find the right person for a particular occupation the employers have to formulate a job

    description of such a job. In most circumstances, especially in the small companies, where

    there is only one leader who manages the process of personnel selection, this aspect is

    apparently linked with the manager’s personal qualities. In addition, from the job description

    that the employer gives, we can make a brief description of the company’s profile, which

    consecutively points to the managing body’s personal qualities and characteristic.

    ‘An accountant’s, secretary’s or production manager’s job will vary considerably from one

    organisation to another, perhaps in the ways that are crucial’ (Arnold, Cooper and Robertson.


    When considering how the director’s personality characteristics influence the organisation’s

    behaviour and accordingly the job analysis or opportunity offered, it should be stressed that

    in the process of recruiting, employers try to attract individuals with the same qualities as

    the whole group. However, Arnold, Cooper and Robertson (1998) state: ‘Job analysis

    procedures are generally either worker-orientated or job-orientated’ According to this, it

    is clear that for different job positions the managers have to implement different practices.

    It emerged our experience of role-playing in the group that we all gave different job

    descriptions for the same job within the same company, from which we can conclude that

    different individuals perceive

    the same team with slight differences and believe the company to be looking for different individuals

    to fill their vacancies, according to their needs. In addition, from my point of view, these correlations

    have a direct and indirect link with the psychological preferences examined more detailed by Carl

    Gustav Jung (1875-1961) and with the different styles of the leadership considered by Michael

    Argyle (1964) – Democratic leadership and Aristocratic leadership.

    Nevertheless, we all need individuals who will fit in with our groups, as ‘effective teamwork is

    essential when targets are to be achieved’ (Mullins 1999). Moreover, Mears and Voehl (1997) state

    that ‘Teams and groups are an essential component of life, be that an organisational life or a personal

    life. An individual cannot possibly perform all tasks that are required of them. Therefore, groups

    are essential in sharing the workload and in gaining results.’ Accordingly, ‘groups have to work

    together to become a cohesive unit that combines individual’s strengths and weaknesses to achieve

    an optimum working level’ (Mears and Voehl 1997). Therefore, if group is not organised well or

    there is a missing link in the chain of the organisation, indicating that a person does not fit in, the

    leader of the team and the team as well might not achieve the expected results or even cause the

    whole system to collapse. Belbin (1926) rightly states - ‘Teamwork does not of course, guarantee

    in itself good results. As in sport, there can be good teams and poor teams. And as in sport, it all

    depends on how the players play together.’

    In conclusion it is necessary to indicate that team leaders, when trying to recruit staff consider

    carefully who to employ in that sense that the new personality may bring to the company prosperity,

    or, conversely, have a destructive influence on the whole organisation depending on how that person

    ‘fits in’. This all in all, seems to be a fundamental part of the selection process not only for the

    managing body, but for the whole organisatio...

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